Monday, 14 August 2017


With her sister claiming the Primaris Marines from the 40k First Strike box, Meddy is painting up the Poxwalkers (and I'll be painting the Plague Marines that go with them).

Meddy has painted two poxwalkers so far and has applied glazes over a bone coloured base spray to build up colour before using washes to get better definition of the details. Ignoring Dad's advice she has decided not to try painting their eyes or mouths, but I'm still hoping I can get her to at least put a red wash in their mouths

As yet she is still undecided on how to base them but we'll probably end up basing them to match my Nurgle Daemons force.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Meddy's Ork

For her 5th model Meddy has painted an Ork (that's one painted by each of us now). She has chosen to go with natural tones for his clothing and a mixture of bronze and steel for his weapons and armour.

Meddy has used Martian Ironearth on the base of the model, and also glued on a tuft of grass for effect.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

4th Model

For her fourth model Meddy has painted a Blood Angels Sergeant (following in her sister's footsteps) with, for some strange reason, a blue bolt pistol. She has painted base colours then washed with Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade. Meddy has also used Dad's blood paint to add blood to the chainsword.

Meddy has based this model herself (apart from the stone between his feet). Having declared she wanted stones and grass on the base we went outside to collect some suitable stones that she has then superglued (by dipping them into a small puddle of glue) onto the base along with some artificial grass. 

Disclaimer: The blood streaks on the back of the chainsword were applied by Dad to show Meddy the technique.

First Three Models

For her first 3 efforts Meddy painted up some Termagants. While she was happy for them all to have red skin she was determined that they were going to have "different shells".

She has base coloured the trio and washed with Nuln Oil. She also had a go at drybrushing their teeth (with varying degrees of accuracy). The Termagant on the right was based by Dad.